The Botanicals included are those usually found in specialised gins. Juniper, Star Anise, Szechuan Pepper, Pink Peppercorns, Cardamom Pods and Coriander Seed. To make some really stunning cocktails, we have included some edible gold leaf. Each of these have specific health benefits which you can read about on our GinGin Botanicals page. Have fun making delicious cocktails and drinks! Information and instructions for use are included. The gift box also includes a large 6cm ice mould which is reusable. You can add  the Botanicals to the ice cube for beautiful looking drinks. it will last for at least an hour without watering down your cocktails

GinGin Botanicals Gift Box

  • Juniper berries, Coriander Seed, Star Anise, Edible Gold Leaf, Cardamom Pods, Szechuan Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns.  Stackable container and large ice sphere mould