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Let's get entertaining...

The Weekender makes entertaining easy and fun. Catering to busy people who value every moment of their spare time, we aim to provide all you need to entertain in style.


Where to start?

Here's an overview of our products to get you weekend-ready!

  • Gin Gin Botanicals

    A convenient set of stackable containers filled with the botanicals that give gin its wonderful flavours.


    Mix and match to make amazing cocktails and incomparable G&T's. 


    Combine the kit with one of our ice sphere moulds to create stylish, slow melting ice cubes that will not water down your drink - delicious!

  • Gin Gin Bells

    Be the hostess with the mostest!


    Our beautiful gin-filled baubles are classically great for Christmas, and even mid-winter Christmas events. Or perhaps an ideal gift for a gin-loving friend. 

  • Ice Spheres

    Never have a watered down drink again! Available in two sizes to suit your glass size preference. 

    We like to put some of the botanicals in the ice for a slow release of flavours and bonus, they look so good!

  • Easter Goodies!

    Take Easter to the next level and choose from our variety of gift boxes - go on, hop to it! (Sorry, it had to be done). 

There's more coming soon!

In 2021 we will be providing a variety of Weekend Entertaining food boxes that can be delivered to your door filled with antipasti goods. The boxes will be full of foods such as cheese, cured meats, dried fruits, chutneys and crackers – all matched for a fabulous food experience and wines suggestions to compliment the selection. The food will be packaged in appropriate portion sizes to the amount of people you are catering to and made to travel. The box can be delivered to a home, place of work, taken to a bach or around to a friend's house.


Delivered in a ready to travel format with suggestions on how to present the food. There will be child friendly platters, dessert platters, gluten free platters and anything else you might request. If you are eating the platter within a few hours, it can be delivered in a ready to eat format, just open and serve! Wine and other alcoholic beverages can also be delivered to over 18's. 

As we progress, we plan to provide great bread, fresh flowers, cards and gifts so you only have to go to one site to get everything you need for the weekend.

This is a brand new company, so please bear with us as we grow. We will be blogging about ideas on things to do at the Weekend plus great places to visit. I hope to share this journey with many of you and explore all the wonders that New Zealand has to offer.

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