The Ultimate Gin Experience
Gin Gin Botanicals are the latest craze!
Botanical Ingredients

Juniper Berry 

The core botanical in every gin. Adds a light spicy and bittersweet taste. Lightly crush the berries before putting them in the glass to help release the flavour. For something different try adding fresh apple pieces or juice.


Szechuan Pepper

Notes of lemon, slightly spicy, has a curious electric sensation. It will bring a spicy freshness to a drink.


Cardamom Pod

Intense, sweet and slightly spicy flavour with citrus flavours. Try adding lime juice or rind and coffee beans for an unusual but delicious combination.

Pink Peppercorn

Sweet, fruity flavour with a slightly bitter spicy note. Gently Squeeze a couple of peppercorns with your fingers to add a fruity aroma and pleasant sweetness. It is advisable to use a straw with this one as the skins can come away and you may not like drinking them.  Other uptions would be to strain before drinking or use the peppercorns in a tea infuser. Complimentary flavours include cinnamon, ginger, mint, rosemary and basil.


Star Anise

Star Anise will add a sweet, aniseed and slightly peppery flavour to your drink. For a festive drink,  add orange peel and cinnamon.  Star Anise is an antioxidant and can aid digestion.


Coriander Seed

The second most commonly used spice in gin, after juniper. Citrus, nut and slightly spicy notes. Increases good cholesterol and metabolism. Contains calcium and magnesium.

Other spices and decorative items  available:

  • All Spice

  • Cinnamon Sticks

  • Dried Lemon Peel

  • Edible Gold Leaf

  • Fennel Seed

  • Gold Pepper

Other herbs and spices we recommend you usg:

  • Rosemary

  • Lavender

  • Mint

  • Rose Petals

  • Fresh citrus rind

  • Lemongrass

Mix it up!

These spices are also a great way to create healthy non-alcoholic drinks, just add to soda water or tonic.  All the botanicals are sugar free and contain different health benefits.