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Sip, Celebrate, Sparkle

Gin Gin Baubles

We are proud to bring you our Gin Gin Bauble products featuring top New Zealand Gins . The baubles are a fun gift, in beautiful packaging  that allow you to taste a variety of spirits and look good hanging on your tree or decorating your dining table. The baubles are reusable, you can fill them with anything  you like or even get the children to decorate them!  In 2023 we will be widening our scope to include other spirits and cocktails such as Espresso Martinis, Rums, Scotch, Bourbon and more

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Baubles, Baubles, Baubles

Our bauble gifts come at several price points making them ideal for small gifts, family gifts and Corporate Gifts made for sharing.  Perfect for Christmas or even Mid-Winter Christmas.  Anything we sell can be customed into the perfect gift you want to give.  We can change out the gins and other items to great gifts so good, you won't want to give them away...   

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